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CIDA Inc. Projects

CIDA Inc. has a variety of projects that fall within the scope of our organization's mission and initiatives. Learn more and stay updated with all CIDA Inc. projects.


Montrose Green Infrastructure (Raingarden & Permeable Pavement) Pilot Project. Launch

Our Montrose Rain Garden and permeable pavement structure has made history of being the FIRST of its kind in the Southeast Texas area to be implemented. We take pride in being the pioneers of this groundbreaking structure. Our unique combination of co-designing with residents and GI experts and planners will positively impact the residents of the Port Arthur TX, Montrose neighborhood. Montrose is a historically African American community that has suffered from repeated flooding and pollution, but came together with us to create something truly extraordinary. Read more on this project below.


Comprehensive Collaborative Coastal Resilience Plan (CCCRP)

Our CCCRP incorporates both expert, and community member knowledge into actionable plans and designs that can be used in similar communities in need of green/sustainable solutions to flooding and other environmental challenges. Read more on this project below.

West Port Arthur Floodplain Management Plan (FMP)

We at CIDA aim to have a map to provide well designed, sustainable solutions to flooding that works for our Port Arthur residents. In this plan you  will find, flood hazard assessments, FMP development process, flood hazard mapping analysis, risks assessments, recommended risk mitigation measures, and many other areas of valuable information. Read more on this project below.

West Port Arthur Green Infrastructure Master Plan

Our Collaborative plan provides insight to the personal impacts of flooding events, the destruction of homes, a 4,000 resident population decline post hurricane Harvey, environmental pollution, escalating debt problems due to the prevalence of natural disasters such as flooding and hurricanes, and so much more valuable statistics pertaining to the larger West Side area, highlighting the Montrose community. Read more on this project below.

Amplifying the voices of the underserved

CIDA Inc. makes it a priority to amplify the voices of Port Arthur Texas citizens (and others in the surrounding area impacted by environmental injustices)   by attending both conferences and events on a national and local level. While attending these events our organization expresses the experiences citizens have from living in a fenceline community. Read more on this project below.

CIDA Inc. Air Quality Work

CIDA Inc. makes it a priority to advocate for the air quality of Port Arthur Texas through air monitoring, emissions protest, data tracking and educating the community of the risks and impacts that air quality has on the quality of life. Read more on this project below.

Home Safety Concern Survey

In collaboration with Climigration Network, Buy-In, Anthropocene Alliance and the Climate Service, CIDA is surveying the Port Arthur neighborhoods (Montrose, El Vista, Vista Village, Lakeside, Palomar and the West Side) to better understand the needs of citizens for flood relief efforts. This survey will assist in determining interest in floodplain home buyouts or voluntary acquisition of flood damaged property and connecting them with the available resources and programs to assist that process. Read more on this project below.

Revitalization and Training 

CIDA Inc. partners with and supports the Golden Triangle Empowerment Center to provide Port Arthur Texas citizens with free job training. This connects residents to employment and training opportunities which positively  impacts and revitalizes the city's socioeconomic state .Read more on this project below.

 EQUIP PA (Equity Informed Planning in Port Arthur) – THRIVE*

In collaboration with the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) and the Jupiter Data Factory, and with the support of the City of Port Arthur, CIDA is reaching out to get community input surrounding needs, priorities and concerns around disaster recovery and resiliency. he goal of this project is to use community input from underserved neighborhoods along with current climate risk data to improve upon the current 2018 Port Arthur Disasters Recovery and Resiliency Plan (CoPa 2018 DRRP). Read more on this project below.

National Coastal Resilience Fund

This project aims to tie together all of information gathered from the project CIDA has initiated with a wide variety of partners, to develop a resilience plan for Port Arthur and coastal communities similar to ours. This plan incorporates expert knowledge and needs from community members into actionable plans and designs. By designing each project around community input, needs and knowledge together with our project partners expertise we aim to develop sustainable, actionable plans and designs to build a community that is more resilient to (natural) disasters and climate impacts.  Read more on this project below.

(3 S Solar) Solar for Safety and Success

This is a collaborative project to provide primarily assessments, guidance and information on solar and storage for commercial buildings.  Our three major goals (1.) Conduct suitability assessments for commercial buildings. (2.) Assess community (power) needs during power outages and emergencies to make recommendations for funding and implementation of solar + storage on non-residential buildings. (3.) As well as provide free solar training for community members. Read more on this project below.

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