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Affiliates & Partners quoted Mr. Hilton Kelley:

"If the tarsands material is piped into our community for refining at the neighboring plants, there will be a serious increase in the emission levels into the very air we breathe."

UTMB Health

UTMB on CIDA Inc.:

"Hilton Kelley: Port Arthur oil refinery activist wins huge green prize"


Treehugger on CIDA Inc.:

"This year's [2011] North American recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize has been spending more than a decade working in his Texas Gulf Coast community to fight for stronger environmental regulations, better enforcement of existing regulations, and to improve relations generally between the community, industry, and local government."

Earth Justice

Earth Justice quoted us:

"One out of every five households in the low income, people of color community here in Port Arthur Texas, has a child that is suffering with asthma and other contaminated air related illnesses—and we are sick of it."

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

What EPA wrote about Hilton Kelley.

Global Community Monitor

What Global Community Monitor said about us.:

 "Board member Hilton Kelley wins the most prestigious environmental award in the world: the Goldman Environmental Prize"

National Partnership for Action (NPA)
Sierra Club

Sierra Club on CIDA Inc. and  Port Arthur.:

"Kelley's environmental campaigns in Port Arthur—that's Poat Ahhthuh to natives—have won him a wall full of national awards and proclamations, but little help, he says, from the city's state and congressional leaders."

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