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What We Do

We're very glad that you are interested in learning more about what CIDA Inc. does.

Feel free to browse through our ACTIVITIES and SERVICES to see some of what we have done.

As a result CIDA has enjoyed local, national and global ACHIEVEMENTS & AWARDS. If you would like to know more,                       .

Hear these stories below bring life to the issues that plague real Port Arthur residents. Hear Port Arthur community members, in their own words, describe how they experience living in Port Arthur. These are strong, positive, inspiring, beautiful, extraordinary and loved people living under burdens that harm their health and prematurely end their lives. Get a better understanding of the WHY behind what CIDA does.



It's To Teach Kings That We Are Strong and powerful Men; that through it all we can overcome any obstacle that we will encounter. We are warriors! Life might get challenging but never forget that (God Give Us Blessings) To be Kings of our Household, To be Kingdom Men, and Never To give up. WE SHOULD ALWAYS GROW AND EVOLVE; NO NEED TO TRY AND STAY AT THE SAME #LEVELUP U GOT THIS!!!!! HAPPY 6YR ANNIVERSARY July 26,2020 WISH U ALL BLESSINGS & GLORY TO YOU AND YOUR WIFE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. EDDIE RAY BROWN WISH U PLENTY MORE ALL THE BLESSINGS (TRULY HOPE YOU LOVE THIS BIRTHDAY GIFT VIDEO) Interviewer: David Jones aka Super Dave Ig:@supa_dave_409 Facebook: David Jones Mr. Eddie Ray Brown was originally born in Waco Texas at the young age of 2yrs old his mother packed up her 3 children and moved to PORT ARTHUR TEXAS were she was originally from. He lives and breathes PORT ARTHUR TEXAS he is the alumni of ”Lincoln High School Class of 1977” he has also been in the military he served his time moved back to Port Arthur Texas and opened his own barbershop (Kutz For Kingz) in 92. He loves his community so much he wanted to do more he opened a boxing gym (Lionhearted Boxing Gym) that have trained the inner city youth boys, girls. He is a father He is a husband He is a Youth trainer of boxing He is a warrior He is a life coach MR. EDDIE RAY BROWN IS THE TRUE DEFINITION OF A 👑 STRONG, POSITIVE, LEADER, MOTIVATIONAL, .... ONCE AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MAY GOD KEEP ON BLESSING YOU TO SEE MANY MORE🎉 All Social Media information Ig: excalibur_xxl_bullies Facebook: Eddie Ray Brown (NEVER GIVE UP YOUR A KING YOUR A QUEEN GO OUT THERE AND FIGHT DONT LET LIFE BEAT YOU DOWN YOUR A WARRIOR IT’S IN YOUR DNA) LIKE & SUBSCRIBE (Have a blessed Monday) #TrustTheProcess #Reach1Teach1 #BLM #Lifeiswhatyoumakeit #Livestrong #LongLiveTre REST IN HEAVEN TO ALL THE FALLEN KING’S AND QUEEN’S
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