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​The Community In-Power and Development Association Inc. (CIDA Inc.) is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3). 

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image of freezing water on pipes

SETX / SWLA Freeze - 2021

Winter storm Uri

Record low temperatures, snow and sleet covered large portions of Texas and Louisiana, causing massive power and water outages. 

image of flooded building that was used for shelter during hurricane event


Hurricane Harvey

Category 4 Hurricane caused catastrophic flooding. Caused billions worth of damage to homes and property. Flooding was so extreme that the emergency shelter had to be evacuated and rescuers had to be rescued. Damaging an estimated 80% of homes, this massive flood impacted the lives of everyone in Port Arthur, TX and continues to do so years later.

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image of Hurricane Laura Cat 4 map/  radar views


Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura devastated  communities in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana from Orange TX to Lake Charles, LA. Leaving many with severely damaged homes during the COVID-19 pandemic and severe heat advisories.

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