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Awards & Achievements


  • In cooperation with several other major environmental groups, CIDA Inc. was instrumental in establishing the national Start-up Shut-down and Malfunction (SSM) Law for refineries.


  • Opening of the Gulf Coast Health Center  Clinic on the West Side of Port Arthur, Texas

  • Mr. Kelley won the AAPR Inspire Award for his commitment to serve.


  • Mr. Kelley was the recipient of The Goldman Environmental Prize April 2011.

  • Mr. Kelley was invited to the Oval Office and met with the President of the United States. President Obama recognized and thanked Mr. Kelley for his contribution to Environmental Justice.


  • Due to the work of CIDA Inc., Port Arthur was selected as EPA showcase community project.


  • Mr. Kelley was invited to the White House for a Green Economy briefing November.


  • UTMB presented the CIDA Inc. Executive Director with the NEIHS hero award in August 2009.


  • CIDA Inc. stopped 20,000 tons of PCB’s from being shipped to Port Arthur Texas from Mexico for incineration.


  • Damu Smith Environmental Justice achievement award was given to CIDA Inc, Director and founder Hilton Kelley on the 27th of October 2008.

  • Hilton Kelley was appointed to the “National Environmental Justice Advisory Council to EPA.

  • Hilton Kelley was Given a Proclamation by the city of Port Arthur TX proclaiming July 1 “Hilton Kelley” Day in the city of Port Arthur the award was given by Mayor Deloris Bobby Prince 2008. The Award was given for outstanding Environmental service in the community.


  • CIDA Inc. Was able to stop VX nerve Gas waste from being shipped to the Port Arthur TX community by the U.S. Army for a month by filing an injunction.

  • CIDA Inc. successfully negotiated an agreement for the Valero oil refinery to assist with health care cost for residents on the west side of Port Arthur and for them to build a health clinic in that community.

  • On October 26th 2007 Mr. Kelley was nominated for Port Arthur TX citizen of the year received certificate for community dedication.

  • Keynote speaker at Rice University for the Environmental Club’s Conference on March 24th entitled: Who’s Earth is it People, Petrochemicals and Environmental Justice.


  • Mr. Kelley and CIDA Inc. filed and won a 3.5 million dollars lawsuit on behalf of the underserved communities that border the Fence line of the Motiva refinery in the City of Port Arthur TX. The settlement resulted in the purchase a mobile medical van to provide on the spot medical care and health vouchers.


  • The “Houston Hero” Award was given to Mr. Kelley by the Citizen League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN).


  • CIDA Inc. collaborated with other environmental justice groups and lawmakers on Capitol Hill and urging congressmen to block the HB-1711 and the Joe Barton Bill. This bill would have allowed polluting industry to scale back the clean air laws and regulation.


  • CIDA Inc. negotiated a good neighbor agreement with Premcor resulting in flare-gas recovery units, sulfur recovery units and restitution paid to community members.


  • Mr. Kelley received the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society “Conservation Award “


  • The Freed Family Support Group Award for Innovative Community Advocacy was awarded to CIDA Inc.


  • The Sierra Club (Lone Star Chapter) awarded CIDA Inc. the Environmental Justice Award.


  • CIDA Inc. successfully blocked a permit that would have allowed a refinery to dump 525 tons of toxins into the air.


  • Mr. Kelley was the Keynote Speaker: Future Leaders of America Summit/ High School Students / Port Arthur TX

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