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Rally Support

Sometimes when your voice is not being heard, the need arises to become louder. Creating awareness for an issue or cause, is something CIDA Inc. has more than a decade experience in. We have been at the forefront of organizing protests and leading them around the world.

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Motivational Speaking

Community empowerment is one of our core values. This also means uplifting people who are in a difficult predicament. We speak to individuals, groups and communities and motivate them to take action to improve their situation.

If you could use some inspiration send us a request.

Environmental Lectures

The years of Environmental Justice work that CIDA Inc. has done, provided a wealth of knowledge about the environment and the factors that influence it and the effects on communities. We guest lecture on a regular basis. We have lectured at leading universities including Rice University, University of Texas (Medical Branch) and Harvard.

Have us lecture at your institution, contact us.

Community Organizing

When your community is facing an Environmental Justice issue, but you are not sure where to start to address and resolve the issue, we have a solution. The first step is to get organized. We have helped numerous communities analyzing their situation and document what is going on in their community. We help you formulate and assess what you need to remedy or improve the situation.

Let us help you get started.

Environmental Campaign Strategy Planning

Once you have determined what the issue is and what is needed to solve the issue, you need a plan. We have accomplished a variety of successes in resolving environmental issues for communities. Part of our success has been a strategic and deliberate approach. We are affiliated with and have key partnerships with organizations and groups that can support your environmental campaign.

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Environmental Stewardship Education

Teaching people how to foster a healthy environment is key to fostering sustainable change. We teach, and have partnered with a variety of organizations that focus on educating people on the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, clean energy alternatives and organic gardening.

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Certified Healthy Home Education

CIDA Inc. Is a certified Healthy Home Trainer. We provide trainings that will teach people how to protect themselves against toxic chemical exposure, and other contaminants in their homes.

Contact us to schedule a training.

Youth Programs

We believe that teaching young people is the start of creating a better future. That is why we dedicate time and effort into teaching youth. CIDA Inc. stimulates young people to learn life skills such as discipline, dedication, respect and care for the environment. We have created initiatives ranging from after school programs, homework support, placement in martial arts classes and even teaching carpentry and organic gardening.

For more information contact us today.

Air Sample Collection and Analysis

In the Environmental Justice fight, collect samples is an essential part of demonstrating the state of the environment in a particular area. CIDA Inc. Specializes in air quality samples. We use professional laboratory quality analyzers that can detect a multitude of gasses in the ambient air.

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