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EQUIP PA: Planning for a more resilient Port Arthur by incorporating community input.

EQUIP PA stands for EQUity Informed Planning in Port Arthur. What does that mean to us? Well, Community In Power and Development Association has been seeking input in the community on how we can best plan for disaster recovery and resilience. CIDA has successfully hosted various community focused meetings. In these meetings we have gathered valuable information via our survey and listening to the community's feedback on what Port Arthur residents would like to see improved, implemented, and executed in the city of Port Arthur's disaster relief planning. Our team had the opportunity to canvas the effected local communities and gather information first hand on how residents have been impacted previously in disaster events.

It has been a pleasure in hosting such dynamic conversations which will begin to yield equitable and more inclusive improvements in the current disaster relief planning.

YOUR INPUT AND FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT. Become part of designing a more inclusive city disaster recovery and resiliency plan. Your insight will assist us in ensuring resiliency planning is fair and includes the needs of all residents. Please take a few minutes to fill out our short survey below.



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