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Montrose Green Infrastructure (Raingarden & Permeable Pavement) Pilot Project. Phase: Rock Layer

We have exciting new updates surrounding our Montrose Green Infrastructure Project. In our last update we discussed the monumental moment of ground being broken at the park and officially starting the installation process. Well, so many more impressive strides have been made since then.

Both our permeable pavement and rain garden structure have been excavated by our amazing contracting team (Elton White Construction). Subsequently we had 63 tons of #57 rock (generously donated by Martin Marietta, Beaumont, TX) delivered to the site. An amazing group of men from our community helped to move all 63 tons of rock into the project site. The first gravel layer and landscape fabric will act as a barrier layer between the ground and the features. Subsequent to the delivery, the rocks were placed and leveled in the excavated areas. This step is critically important to the success of the garden and permeable pavement structure. The rock layer will create a “retention zone” and foundation for the water discharge pipes carrying off excess water from the rain garden feature to the city’s drainage to properly drain the water away from the park.

Southeast Texas’s unique climate has proven to have its challenges. The area’s frequent rain events and wet clay soil conditions has impacted the timeline of the Green Infrastructure's intended execution schedule. However with the assistance and guidance of our amazing contractors and partners we are actively and creatively working around our area's unique climate to complete the rain garden in a way that is innovative and will positively impact the residents of the Montrose community.

Please stay tuned for more exciting and important updates. Once again, it is CIDA’s privilege to be pioneering such a unique, needed, and functional green infrastructure design in Port Arthur and the Southeast Texas area. As we navigate through being the first organization to implement such a design in our climate type, we aim to take our experiences and knowledge we gain along the way to assist other local organizations and groups who are interested in implementing similar green infrastructures.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest!

63 tons of #57 rock being delivered to the site

CIDA Helping Hands team moving 63 tons of rock into the project site.

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley assisting in the rock distribution

Project Manager and Marketing Director Michelle Smith laying fabric layer

CIDA volunteer Landry Patin laying fabric layer

Contractor Elton White

View of Fabric layer and rocks

Site during rock layering process

Elton White Construction team leveling the rock layer

Elton White Construction team leveling the rock layer

Elton White Construction team leveling the rock layer


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