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Home Elevations and Buy-Outs

This August marked the 2 year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey and the devastating flooding it caused in Port Arthur, TX. We went and checked on the neighborhoods that were hit the hardest, to see where they are in their recovery.

As a member of Higher Ground, we are working with FEMA, to bring some sustainable solutions to residents that have suffered repeated loss. Currently we are surveying the Vista Village, Lakeshore and Mid County neighborhoods to see whether there is an interest in federally funded home elevations or buy-outs. Our goal with these initiatives is to help provide safer living conditions for people who live in areas that deal with repeated flooding.

If you live in one of those impacted communities and you are interested in either a home elevation or buy-out, please contact us via phone or email and let us know your name, address, phone or email and whether you're interested in a home elevation or buy-out.

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