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Montrose Green Infrastructure (Raingarden & Permeable Pavement) Pilot Project. Phase: Excavation

CIDA has very exciting news and updates! Monumental history has been made in Port Arthur, Texas. We have officially broken ground at Montrose park for the innovative Montrose green infrastructure pilot project. This is the first green infrastructure project of its kind in Southeast Texas, with hopefully many more in the area to follow. It is our privilege to pioneer such a project which will assist with absorbing water from regular rain events, assisting with reducing water collection in at-risk flood areas, while restoring natural habitats and beautifying vulnerable communities.

In addition to our beautiful community-informed rain garden design helps with absorbing water. Our green infrastructure project will also include a permeable pavement to further assist with reducing water collection in the park. Our Lamar University partners have collected soil samples which will fill a critical gap in the EPA’s soil database, providing information on our area's unique clay like soil (Beaumont soil and Swell soil).

And as icing on the cake the delegation from the Department of Education has visited the site to observe this monumental design and take record of its occurrence.

We would like to thank the amazing hands-on and informative residents of the Montrose community for assisting us in creating a community informed project design, our many partners (Anthropocene Alliance, River Network, Texas A&M University, Green Infrastructure for Texas - GIFT, Lamar University Beaumont), and the City of Port Arthur for making this project possible.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we are currently in the excavation phase of the project. If you would like to learn more about the project's unique design or receive updates about the project's progression please visit our website.

Raingarden and Permeable Pavement Site Pre-Excavation.

Lamar University Partner Collecting Soil Samples for EPA Soil Data Collection.

Lamar University Partners Pre-Excavation Shallow Soil Sampling.

Permeable Pavement and Raingarden Excavation Day 2.


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