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Hilton Kelley's recent attendance at The Gulf Coast Hydrogen Ecosystem: Opportunities & Solutions Symposium

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley had the opportunity to speak on “Engaging for impact” and the benefits utilizing hydrogen energy sources has on communities at the University of Houston’s “The Gulf Coast Hydrogen Ecosystem: Opportunities & Solutions”. This Symposium discussed the comprehensive exploration of the various aspects surrounding the integration of hydrogen into the energy landscape. Opportunities, solutions, and benefits of establishing a hydrogen ecosystem were discussed and explored. Experts from academia, industry, government, and the community participated in an in-depth analysis and discussion covering technology, business, policy and regulations, and community impact.

CIDA being a part of this discussion helps in educating experts on the ground level community benefits and potential barriers to hydrogen energy sources.

Hilton Kelley represented CIDA Inc. and discussed the topic of 'Hydrogen Benefits for Communities'

Hilton Kelley alongside fellow symposium speakers including Melvin White Founder of the Golden Triangle Empowerment Center (GTEC)

Hilton Kelley alongside John L Hall President and CEO of HARC


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