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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation THROWE Environmental Workshop, Galveston Texas Recap.

Our Marketing Director and Project Manager Michelle Smith recently had the opportunity to attend the NFWF THROWE Environmental Workshop, located in Galveston Texas, October 25th 2023. Michelle had the opportunity represent CIDA Inc.'s National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Project - 2021 National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF) CCCRP project and the Expansion work for the 2022 National Coastal Resilience Fund project. Hosted by THROWE Environmental (Field Liaison for NFWF NCRF). Meeting with NFWF, and NOAA for a funder and peer-to-peer learning session and networking opportunity where CIDA Inc. connected with projects led by a wide variety of organizations and local and state agencies. CIDA Inc. provided insights and recommendations as it pertains to meaningful and ongoing community engagement while learning about the pitfalls of permitting, before reaching that stage.

Staying connected with fellow environmental based organizations and local and state agencies allows our organizations to create, and maintain strong connections that has the potential to bring positive and substantial changes to the Port Arthur Tx community.

Thank you Michelle for once again ensuring that Community In-Power Development Association Inc. has a seat at the table, and is continually connected with community groups who also share the same dedication, passion, and commitment to equitable environmental practices.

Project Manager Michelle Smith, alongside THROWE workshop attendees and Environmental leaders.

THROWE workshop panelist presentation.

Breakoff session group discussions.


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