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Montrose Green Infrastructure Site Visit

On November 11th, 2021 we had the opportunity of partnering and meeting with Montrose community residents.

We took a community led tour to locate and pinpoint areas of interest and concern for flooding and improvement. Researches had the opportunity to learn from the residents in greater details about their needs and expectations of having green infrastructure in their community. This step of collaboration has been very helpful in the planning and execution efforts of green infrastructure in the Montrose community. This was just the start of an impactful community project.

Our wonderful project partners who were present in this meeting consisted of the following;

Anthropocene Alliance: Harriet Festing and Stephen Eisenman - Founders

Texas A&M University: Dr. Galen Newman - Director of Center for Housing and Urban Development,

Dr. John Cooper - Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Department and Jingxi Peng - Student

Texas Sea Grant: Ashley Bennis - Planning Specialist

Texas A&M University Agrilife Extension - Green Infrastructure for Texas (GIFT): Charriss York - Program Director

City of Port Arthur: Kenneth Marks – Councilman District 4

Ms. Jingxi Pen (Texas A&M), Montose community members, Mr. Kenneth Marks (Councilman)  and Mr. Hilton Kelley (CIDA)
Montrose Green Infrastructure Site Visit Meeting

Ms. Jingxi Peng (Texas A&M), Ms. Charriss York (GIFT), Community Members and Mr. Kenneth Marks (Councilman)
Montrose Green Infrastructure Site Visit Meeting

Ms. Roach, Ms. Sanders and Mr. Leday leading the community tour
Community-led Montrose Tour


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