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Comprehensive Collaborative Coastal Resilience Plan (CCCRP)

We at Community In-Power and Development Association (CIDA) have joined forces with the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) to develop a Comprehensive Collaborative Coastal Resilience Plan (CCCRP) based on projects CIDA has been working on.

Our CCCRP incorporates both expert, and community member knowledge into actionable plans and designs that can be used in similar communities in need of green/sustainable solutions to flooding and other environmental challenges.

This plan covers our West Port Arthur Flood Plain Management plan, our Montrose Green Infrastructure Master Plan, Montrose Green Infrastructure Pilot Project. We aimed to provide detailed outlines of these plans, and provide strategies that can be replicated.

The Montrose Green Infrastructure project, is the first green infrastructure project of its kind to be implemented in the Southeast Texas area. With groundbreaking milestones, comes new hurdles and challenges. We hope our CCCRP provides the community with the data we have learned along the way to assist them in research that our organization could have benefited from along the way of implementing green infrastructure based projects.

By designing each project around community input, needs and knowledge together with our project partners' expertise, we aim to develop sustainable, actionable plans and designs to build a community that is more resilient to (natural) disasters and climate impacts.

We highly recommend reading our Comprehensive Collaborative Coastal Resilience Plan. This plan is full of data that can be beneficial for organizations , community members and governments interested in developing nature-based solutions to the intersect of flooding, urbanization and industrial pollution in under-served vulnerable communities.

If you have any questions, comments, or areas of interest surrounding our CCCRP please be sure to contact us via email

Comprehensice Collaborative Coastal Resilience Plan CCCRP
Download PDF • 3.46MB


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