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AFL-CIO Climate Equity and Jobs Recap

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley had the opportunity to attend the  Inaugural Climate, Equity and Jobs Launch, hosted by The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). 

“The event featured workers who have been directly impacted by the effects of climate change, Biden administration representatives, and racial justice, and environmental justice groups. This event marked the launch of a series of discussions among labor, racial justice and environmental justice organizations aimed at addressing the impacts of climate change on working people and our communities.”

It is essential for the growth and outreach of the organization to have representation at national discussions such as these. Hilton ensured the environmental and socio economic impacts of Port Arthur and the surrounding area are conveyed to leadership who are in a position to improve these areas of concerns. 

Hilton Kelley outside AFL-CIO

Conference Speaker Sophia Farve New Orleans Hospitality Worker


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