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Montrose Park Green Infrastructure Update

Our partnered Montrose Green infrastructure project is making tremendous progress in moving forward. We have been granted the approval of City of Port Arthur to conduct the implementation of the green infrastructure garden. The citizens of Montrose have been instrumental in every part of the planning process and their valuable input has assisted us in designating the location of the garden to be located in the community park so every resident can enjoy the beauty of the garden.

A couple of months ago in partnership with Lamar University Beaumont and Wayne State University we participated in soil sampling in Montrose Park in preparation for the implementation of green infrastructure.

Soil sampling in progress at Montrose Park
Soil sampling in progress at Montrose Park

The implementation of the garden will begin soon. Check our social media and website for updates. The launch of this green infrastructure will be the beginning of positive efforts in reducing the amount of sitting water after regular rain events.

Montrose Raingarden Location

We would like to thank our partners Anthropocene Alliance, Lamar University, Texas A& M University, Green Infrastructure for Texas (GIFT), and The River Network, for making the planning, design, and research of the green infrastructure garden a major success.


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