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Hurricane Laura Relief

Hurricane Laura Relief Fund

On August 26th, 2020 the Southeast Texas and Southwest Lousiana Coastal area was devastated by category 4 Hurricane Laura. With wind speeds of over 100 mph, trees were uprooted, power lines were destroyed, homes were severely damaged. Places like Cameron and Lake Charles, Lousiana were flooded with a massive 10 foot storm surge causing devastation. Places like Orange, Texas are suffering from power outages, wind-damaged homes and a lack of clean drinking water, food and essentials items. The situation is exacerbated by COVID-19, prolonged heat advisories, boil water notices and increased toxic air emissions by neighboring industry.

CIDA Inc. has sprung into action and we have created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to provide our neighbors with recovery assistance. Thanks to generous donations we are already able to provide a van full of clean drinking water, food and PPE to our affected neighbors.

Help us to continue our assisting Hurricane Laura survivors by donating to our fund at:

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