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CNN Meets with CIDA's Hilton Kelley

CNN's Bill Weir reports on the impacts of climate change on people of color. He visited with CIDA's Hilton Kelley to discuss the matter. It is a great piece.

Climate change is a problem that will eventually impact all life on earth. However CNN looks deeper into the communities closest to the fire. Port Arthur is home to a great number of fuel and chemical refineries which have placed a disproportionate environmental burden on their neighboring communities.

"The fuels that build the modern world are the same ones now destroying it"

While refineries are by some perceived as the saving grace due to the suggested jobs and economical stimulation they provide, organizations like CIDA push these industries to lower their emissions, fighting for better air quality for residents who live on the industry fence line. The stark contrast of the billion dollar industry next door to the community living at or below poverty level becomes even harsher, when you consider that government assistance is prioritized allocating resources to protect multi billion dollar industries, while the community struggles to receive adequate financial support to fix their homes after the Harvey flooding.

"The Trump administration fast-tracked almost $4 billion to build storm barriers specifically to protect oil and gas facilities"

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