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Surviving to Thriving Summit 2016

In an world where almost every positive change you try to make, is met with some sort of resistance, it is such a breath of clean fresh air to gather and meet with a group of people with the same goals. The first Revitalizing Vulnerable Communities National Training and Resources Summit. This amazing event was put together to inform activists, and community leaders of several different ways to help their communities combat the negative impacts of environmental injustice.

The organizers of this great event took care to select the best speakers on the most relevant topics of and developed three tracks with various sessions:

- Health and Environmental Resources

- Business Opportunities and Access to Financial Resources

- Just Transition Workforce Development Training

Each track was filled with unique sessions that brought not only a plethora of useful information, but also a lot of food for thought. Not only did each speaker bring a wealth of knowledge, but so did each participant. What a fantastic way to bring together people from different industries, walks of life and communities, all with a common goal: to combat environmental injustice and bring vulnerable communities from surviving to thriving.

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