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CIDA INC. Founder and Director, Hilton Kelley's Recent Environmental Justice Event Attendance.

Our Founder and Director Hilton Kelley has been actively participating in various environmental justice focused events both on a national and local level. His ground level approach to activism and networking has been successful in propelling not only the mission and initiatives of CIDA Inc., but is also ensuring the Port Arthur Texas community has representation in the environmental justice conversation.

Hilton Kelley was a panelist at the NIEHS Community Forum in Galveston. This event was held to facilitate the conversation between community members directly impacted by industrial pollution and health researchers.

On October 18th, Hilton Kelley attended the We Act Gala hosted at Columbia University In New York, New York. Former Vice President, Al Gore who has been involved in various environmental justice initiatives such as being the founder and chairman of The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit devoted to solving the climate crisis attended as this years special guest. Hilton had the opportunity to connect with WeAct and other environmental justice organizations and influential leaders.

Former Vice President Al gore speaking at the 2023 WeAct Gala

Founder And Director Hilton Kelley alongside his wife Mrs. Kelley, and fellow WeAct attendee and EJ activist.

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley attending 2023 WeAct Gala alongside fellow EJ activist.

On October 31st, Hilton Kelley attended the Department Of Energy Justice 40 Day, as a panelist speaker. Attending this meeting was impactful because it aimed to get more community input on what’s needed in our local communities, help build Job equity, business creation, a healthier environment resiliency, and financial stability. Hilton Attended to represent Port Arthur and to stay informed and on the cutting edge of sustainable energy funding opportunities that can greatly benefit Port Arthur residents and businesses.

Hilton Kelley alongside fellow panelist speakers at the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley in Washington DC for DOE's Justice 40 Day.

On November 2nd, Hilton Kelley visited the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). Hilton stated that “At the headquarters of the: American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations most unions are a member of the AFL-CIO I'm here to discuss the important role this federation members can play in the renewable energy sector.”

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley visiting the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) Meeting.

November 13th and 14th the Department Of Energy visited Port Arthur and hosted community open events alongside CIDA Inc. These meetings addressed the billions of dollars that has been allocated to environmental justice initiated through the United States recent Justice 40 initiative.

Department Of Energy community event located in Port Arthur Tx, alongside CIDA Inc.

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley in attendance for the DOE and CIDA Inc. community event located in Port Arthur, TX.

Founder and Director Hilton Kelley, alongside the DOE's Director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity Shalanda Baker, and his wife Mrs. Kelley.

We believe Hilton's recent event attendance and speaking engagements has allowed our organization to connect with various other influential environmental justice leaders and organizations. Staying connected on a local and national level will ensure that the Port Arthur Texas community will continue to be involved in conversations, projects, and initiatives that has the potential to improve the environmental state and overall quality of life for residents. We look forward to future engagements and new opportunities to connect with the environmental justice community.


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