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Flood Victims Unite: The United Flooded States of America

As part of the national campaign the United Flooded States of America,on August 3, 2019, we invited some local Port Arthur, TX residents to come to the Community In-Power and Development Association (CIDA) headquarters. We asked them to have some open conversations with us about their experiences during the flooding caused by Harvey in Port Arthur, TX. We also asked them about their experiences rebuilding, even two years later and what solutions they see for future flooding. Finally we asked them if they had any messages and requests for our city government and our state representative @Randy Weber.

This is a summary of what they said.

  • This experience was DEVASTATING.

  • Two years later, many people are still displaced and have not been able to rebuild due to lack of funding.

  • With all the storms we have seen so far, city, state and federal government should have learned, and been able to manage this by now.

  • We need to speak up to be heard and we are doing so. We need help.

  • Don't forget about the smaller cities.

The most clear message of the day was we need our local, state and federal government to SPEAK WITH US and HEAR US.

So we ask you: @Randy Weber, meet and speak with us!

To view more of a specific residents interview click on their video below:

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