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Motiva is investing in downtown Port Arthur!

On April 3, 2019 Motiva announced the purchase of the Federal Building and World Trade Building (Adams Building) on Austin ave. In downtown Port Arthur, TX. The company has big plans for renovating these two, and other buildings for renewed use. Motiva plans to restore the Federal Building and World Trade Building to it's former glory.

On May 16, 2019 Motiva held an event to celebrate the purchase and unveil some of the plans for the buildings. The, still tentative, multi-year project includes converting the World Trade Building to office space which will house several hundred Motiva employees.

We are thrilled that Motiva has chosen to bring funds and people back into our downtown area. We are hopeful that this will be the start of other investments and a revitalization of our historic downtown area. We have advocated for investment into our community for almost 20 years now, and we are very pleased to see that Motiva has taken the initiative to do exactly that.

Our hopes are that this will stimulate local business and employment and bring back some of the vibrancy that once filled the our downtown area.

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