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Clean Energy Fest 2017, Pensacola Florida.

Over the weekend the CIDA Inc. Team flew to Pensacola Florida to attend the Clean Energy Fest organized by the Pensacola organization, as a part of the Foo Foo Fest.

On November 3rd, Hilton Kelley and Audi-Yo spoke to the young people at the Ebonwood Community Center about clean energy, the environment, healthy living and following your dreams. We topped that off with a musical performance by Audi-Yo. Many thanks to Mr. Leroy Williams for inviting us to speak to his class.

Of course we wanted to see some of the environmental injustice issues the Pensacola community is facing. Ms. LaFanetta Soles-Wood kindly gave us a tour of some of the 8 out of 13 still active landfills adjacent to residences. worked together with the Pensacola Museum of Art to bring Hilton Kelley and Audi-Yo to open the Crossing Boundaries exhibition. Hilton Kelley spoke about the issues we face in Port Arthur, TX, achievements in this community, Air monitoring tools such as the uHoo and poetry. Then Audi-Yo delighted us with his music.

On November 4th, keeping in the theme of the festival, we opted for a cleaner method of transportation to the festival grounds. did an fantastic job at bringing together displays of clean energy alternatives and energy conservation methods. The festival featured electric vehicles, a tiny home, solar energy, wind energy, edible gardening, fun for kids and more.

Naturally Hilton Kelley spoke and performed his poetry. Audi-Yo lit up the stage with his music and got people dancing. We would like to extend a special thanks to Jim Sparks, Christian Wagley and the Pensacola organization for setting up such a great event and inviting us to be a part of it.

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