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Speaking at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training with Al Gore

Climate change is an urgent global issue. CIDA Inc. fights for a better environment every day. That is why The Climate Reality Project reached out to us to speak at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training with Al Gore. This training educates people who want to make a difference in climate change, and gives them the information and tools to do so. As an environmental justice leader, Hilton Kelley addressed the trainees from all over the world and spoke on the local issues we face in Port Arthur, TX. He also spoke on the positive impact everyone can have, not only locally, but globally.

After his presentation, trainees from various parts of the world lined up to get his perspective on their unique environmental justice issues in their native land.

It is key that we come together to discuss ideas and solutions for this global problem. Together we strive for a better environment for us all.

"Climate Change is happening we must all do our part to help stop the impact" - Hilton Kelley

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