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School of Martial Arts Students

In an area where there is not much to do after school, kids need a productive and positive activity to keep them occupied and motivated. In West Port Arthur, there is such a perfect place:

Master Kelley's School of Martial Arts. Here children and adults are taught martial arts along with the core values of discipline, respect, commitment, confidence and self control. Students who learn the martial arts from Master Billy Kelley become better and stronger people for it.

Master Billy Kelley teaching children karate

For these reasons, CIDA Inc. has sponsored 10 martial art students each year, for the past 16 years. We believe that building a better community, starts with our youth. By giving them access to a positive and constructive activity after school, we give them the tools to grow into the adults they want to be.

Master Billy Kelley's dedication to his students is reflected in their accomplishments and their praise of him. For more information on the Master Billy Kelley School of Martial Arts:

Master Billy Kelley's School of Martial Arts

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