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Great West Side Community Meeting

On Monday May 15th over 300 people attended the West Side Community Meeting held at the West Side Development Center in Port Arthur Texas. The meeting was called to give the community the opportunity to be heard on their concerns and issues with the German Pellets Fire and the resulting smoke that has been engulfing the community for over a month.

We heard many stories of how the smoke has negatively impacted the communities health and ability to enjoy their homes and property. The conclusion of the meeting was that the attorney will return to the community to present the community with a proposed plan of action based on the desires that were voiced during the meeting. The date of the meeting is to be decided and announced.

In the meantime we have decided that we as a community need to speak to the city council. Therefore on May 23rd we will be on the city council meeting agenda to speak about the German Pellets fire and issues surrounding it. We invite everyone that has been affected to come out and attend this meeting to show our strength in numbers (wear a black T-shirt).

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