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CIDA Inc Environmental Justice, Community Organizing

CIDA Inc. stands for Community In- Power and Development Association Incorporate. CIDA Inc. is a non-profit organization that fights for the fundamental right to breathe clean, unpolluted air. In far too many cases, we see that under-served communities are the most affected by industry pollution. We help give those communities a voice.


Find out what we do for the Environment, Communities and what we can do for You.

Hilton Kelley - CIDA Inc.

Each and every individual has the God given right to breathe clean air. No one should have the right to contaminate your air with dangerous toxins.

Every year, thousands of tons of incredibly dangerous pollutants—sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds—are released into the environment. As a result, the very air that we breathe to stay alive is contaminated.

This is why we fight; to protect your basic human right to breathe clean air.

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When faced with situations that seem overwhelming and simply too hard to overcome, it is easy to complain. It is easy to talk about what should change.


Our philosophy is when you show people tried and true methods they can use, they become empowered and unstoppable.


That is our goal: to Empower YOU to better YOUR situation.

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CIDA working with YOU.


To empower communities and address environmental justice issues we develop custom solutions for each unique situation.


We support in activities ranging from community organizing, to collecting data and leading protests.

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Hurricane Laura Recovery

The Community In-power and Development Association Inc. is providing assistance to help repair and or place roofs on homes after they were destroyed during hurricane Laura and Delta. August / September 2020.


More help is needed. This is a long term recovery effort due to the large volume of homes that were impacted. However together we can get citizens back in they’re homes. 


Help us help those in need in Southwest LA and Southeast TX by donating using the green Donate Now button below or the yellow button above.

On August 26th, 2020 Hurricane Laura slammed the Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana coast with category 4 hurricane winds and 10 foot storm surges. The Community In-Power and Development Association Inc. (CIDA Inc.) created a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to provide much needed emergency assistance to our neighbors in areas such as Orange, Texas and Cameron, Louisiana. 

Thanks to generous donations to date (September 4, 2020) we have already been able to send 2 vans full of clean drinking water, food, ice, sanitizer and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), to Orange, Texas. Please continue to donate using the green "DONATE NOW" button above.

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